Heresy 101

*UPDATE: We are putting the video’s up again!  We are leaving one of the YouTube videos that Nolan Ball and The Rock of Panama City had taken down, up on each page, to show everyone how much F. Nolan Ball and his “spiritual sons” want to hide their cult-brand, from the world!

Nolan Ball tells congregants that he is greater than the Apostle Paul and suggestively discourages his people from reading and studying the Bible!

F. Nolan Ball tells his church that their salvation depends upon them sticking with him!

Shocking Heresy!  Pastor of The Rock of Panama City, Nolan Ball, tells congregation that he is NOT a disciple of Chirst, denounces The Father and Jesus and says that he is the “Chief Apostle”

More heresy from Nolan Ball!  F. Nolan Ball of The Rock of Panama City speaks more heresy about doing away with the Bible!

Nolan Ball Heresy at it’s finest!

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