Authoritarian Abuse

There is a book out there that explains abuse in the Charismatic church better than any other we have found.  It is called, Charismatic Captivation.  If you’ve never read the book, Charismatic Captivation by Dr. Steven Lambert, we urge you to get it.  You can find out more about it here, on the website for both Charismatic Captivation (big book) and the companion book, Charismatic Control.  The page that we want to direct you to on the website is “The Signs of Spiritual Abuse” which is also referred to as authoritarian abuse, as well.  Here,  Dr. Lambert gives thirty-three signs of spiritual abuse and it is this list that has given so much clarity to multitudes of believers that have been captivated by men and ministries like F. Nolan Ball his church, The Rock of Panama City.  This list was the catalyst that helped to set us free, ourselves, from the tyrannical grip of  authoritarian abuse in our lives.   You can find this list in chapter 3 of the companion book, Charismatic Control.

Now, if you’ve never seen spiritual (authoritarian) abuse in action, take a look at the video below!  It’s the real deal and unfortunately it is what goes on in churches like this under Nolan Ball and other churches in too many places!

Cult leader, F. Nolan Ball, of The Rock of Panama City wields authoritarian abuse against his former worship minister on March 11, 2012 because he dared to resign to start his own ministry, a couple of weeks before.

Despicable!  Nolan Ball, pastor of The Rock of Panama City disparages his very own WIFE in front of congregation!

Or how about this article from 1994 involving Blake Higgenbotham, one of Nolan Ball’s appointed “pastors” who is still associated with the self-appointed apostle?  Read it here for yourself, it’s pure cult, pure sexual and spiritual abuse and purely  disgusting: and just because Higgenbotham slid out of under the charges like the snake that he is (see here) DOES NOT mean that he did not commit the CRIME in the eyes of God Almighty and that Nolan Ball isn’t just like Joe Paterno in this, covering up these heinous acts and we know for a fact that Higgenbotham IS still associated with Nolan Ball, to this day!

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