A False Apostle Is Self-appointed And A Cult Leader Is Born

*UPDATE:  We are putting the video’s up again!  We are leaving one of the YouTube videos that Nolan Ball and The Rock of Panama City had taken down, up on each page, to show everyone how much F. Nolan Ball and his “spiritual sons” want to hide their cult-brand, from the world!


F. Nolan Ball tells congregant that he can only receive impartation of the Lord through him!

If you have ever been to or watched a meeting/service online by F. Nolan Ball, you’ll recognize that he frequently extols his departure from the Assemblies of God in the years between 1969-1970, as a victory for him and the beginning of a forty-plus year track as a self-appointed apostle.   Around the same time the self-appointed Apostle, Nolan Ball became,  by his own admission,  greater than the Apostle Paul,  he began the process of gathering young and spiritually immature men and women to him as “sons and daughters”  in order to grow his “family” and become the “Papa Apostle” of  Bay County, Florida.   F. Nolan Ball then instructed his “sons and daughters” to give him honor and deference over the Lord, rebuking them when they do not make a “draw” on him (Nolan Ball) exclusively with questions about any and all spiritual matters.   F. Nolan Ball further instructs his sons about his “voice” being the “oracle” that God uses to impart wisdom and knowledge and discourages them from studying the Bible and drawing upon the Lord.  In the last two to three years, F. Nolan Ball has expanded his maniacal vision, to include that one day he would conquer the world with his voice, thus becoming the “super apostle” of the universe to whom Jesus would impart to, exclusively.

F. Nolan Ball sees himself as this sort of “super-hero” to the Body of Christ, certainly to his own cult following and to the international Church at large, though relatively few in Christendom know who he is let alone his status as a SUPER APOSTLE, who is able to carry out actions and deeds greater than the Apostle Paul and presumably walk in greater revelation than John, the apostle whom Jesus loved!

From his bully-pulpit called The Rock of Panama City in Panama City, Florida, he pontificates about his “voice” and the word according to F. Nolan Ball.  He frequently perverts the Gospel and tells his congregants that they should stop studying the Bible and instead listen to him,  and his “voice” as an oracle of God, exclusively.   The Charismatic cult leader,  institutes the doctrines of the Discipleship/Shepherding movement along with The Latter Rain and all the well documented and classic tenets of cults throughout his church and oversees the indoctrination of his “son’s” churches, as well.

The Rock of Panama City, where Nolan Ball is the presiding  Senior Pastor, documents on their website  http://www.therockofpc.org/#/home   that he has fathered twenty-three or more  “spiritual sons”.   “By choice”   is the allegory used on the website,  to describe a free will covenant relationship these sons have with Ball in exchange for large sums of money they have received in order to go plant churches and clone more sons and daughters in the image of Nolan Ball.  The cult-brand known as “The Rock Of”  banner, began with The Rock of Panama City and his “sent out” sons have grown the brand across the U.S.  There is also one church in the U.K. and and one in Trinidad.  In addition, approximately two to three other churches have not chosen to use “The Rock Of” banner but are nonetheless “sent out” churches under the umbrella of F. Nolan Ball.   All of these churches tithe back to Ball and he often lauds in his sermons about the fact that he is now a wealthy man due to the faithful giving of the congregants in his own church along with the tithes his “spiritual sons” pay him.  It is a known fact that the spiritual law of God regarding the tithe works, but it is not meant to be abused.  The abuse comes when congregants are brow-beaten into giving more than the ten percent tithe on a regular and consistent basis, are made to suffer consequences if they do not and are commanded not to give their tithe to anyone else in the ministry of the Lord.  This abuse is a common denominator in all of the F. Nolan Ball backed churches.  It is just one of many abuses and common control devices employed by F. Nolan Ball and his spiritual sons to line their pockets with the blood, sweat and tears of their congregants, with no thought to the financial hardship and debt they are inflicting upon countless souls.

In addition to these practices, Nolan Ball rarely quotes Scripture or preaches from the Bible, unless he is using the Word to wield authoritarian abuse at someone on his staff or in the congregation.  There are many quotes from F. Nolan Ball that document both his heresy and his demonic doctrine and this blog will serve to show the public, F. Nolan Ball, in his own words.  We will use indisputable video evidence to show the cult that has been led by this devil-inspired man who has ruined the lives of countless families and has taught his spiritual sons to do the same in their own churches, for over forty years.

Two other websites online have been put up by noble and courageous people that have trail blazed the path for this one. They speak about F. Nolan Ball’s sons and cult leaders, Todd Murner and Nelson Cash and the cults they have created under “The Rock Of” banner.    These websites put up by people who have left these cults and refuse to be captives of maniacal men any longer, can be found at http://childrenoftodd.blogspot.com  and  http://thechildrenofnelson.blogspot.com/

If you are in one of these cults and are beginning to question their teachings, we hope you find this website and the others to help you get out.   Your very first step is your questioning followed by the very close second of just get out and RUN!    There are many people who have successfully gotten out and left this false movement and cult.  They are out there waiting to help you.  Do not hesitate to reach out and contact any or all of us.   We are praying for you and want the very best for you, more than you know!

In the meantime, we devote our work, effort and faithful service to quenching the heretical voice of the false apostle and charismatic cult leader, F. Nolan Ball by exposing the heresy he speaks with indisputable video evidence of his own words.  We also aim to do our part to dismantle  his satanic cult brand, comprised with his “spiritual sons and daughters” by exposing the teachings of heresy from their “father” that they also employ throughout their churches.

We declare that there is but one God, and his name is NOT F. Nolan Ball, but that the Name of the Living God is Jesus Christ!   His is the only TRUE VOICE and His Word the only infallible!  Jesus Christ is the only Way, Truth and Life.   Your salvation depends upon your acceptance of Jesus into your heart and nothing or no one else!

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” -Revelation 3:20

Our first video post above and the rest of  the videos on this blog will be  of services conducted by F. Nolan Ball.  Up until late in the day on March 25, 2012, they were currently  posted on The Rock of Panama City website along with their hosting site, The Sermon Network, with unrestricted access, though it is our belief, that as soon as pastor Ball and his staff are made aware of the existence of this blog, that they will revert back to conducting their services under a cloud of secrecy and darkness, as they once did, before mid 2010.  The other Rock churches under Nolan Ball’s “fathering” and network also restrict access to their recorded services because they all have something to hide.  That something is that  they are all cults!  For this very reason, we are posting the videos we have,  here,  so there is a record of Nolan Ball’s deception, heresy  cult behavior and leadings.  Rest assured, more will soon follow from our archived server!  Stay tuned!

*Disclaimers:  All videos posted are under the protection of “Fair Use” laws.  While we cite the book Charismatic Captivation by Dr. Steven Lambert, we state categorically that Dr. Lambert is NOT the owner of this blog and the posting of this blog was NOT at the direction of Dr. Lambert whatsoever.   This website is the sole responsibilty and idea of the author/owner who is NOT Dr. Steven Lambert and all statements are the opinion of the owner and no one else.

**Comments: The ability to “comment” has been purposely removed from this blog and here is why:  1.  The owners of the cult-brand known as “The Rock Of” under F. Nolan Ball and their surrogates think that by their comments they will nullify their egregious and tyrannical abuse of the Body of Christ.  They will not.  2. They believe in the Kool-aid they are drinking and have no remorse that they have saturated it with the cyanide of Satan and continue to try and get anyone they can, to drink it and perish with them.  3. They think that this is a game, whereby if they threaten or attempt to abuse further, the courageous Believers of Christ and His truth that they will a. silence our dissent against their exalted leader, F. Nolan Ball and b. allow them to continue making an idol out of a false apostle and minion of Satan.   We will not allow it.   If you are one who has left this cult or is trying to leave, we request that you send or post your comments on one of the other sites listed on the sidebar and our friends associated with these blogs will get all communications to us, from you.   Thank you.